All the partners involved in this project are interested in developing, applying, collecting and sharing innovative teaching methods, techniques and practices with a special focus on engaging various intelligences, according to Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. We wish to support our learners in the process of improving their competences, basic skills in their native languages and in English by taking advantage of the opportunity to cooperate with schools and organizations in different countries, which have different types and levels of expertise in the topics addressed by our project: some of the institutions we will collaborate with have a significant experience with several European projects, other schools have been involved only in small scale, local projects but have a variety of tips and tricks related to intelligences, that we can all learn from.

With the expertise provided by each partner in the seven schools across Europe and one association dealing with Youth in Action projects, we aim to develop, during the three years, a coherent set of activities to engage and motivate young students to improve basic and transversal skills. We also want to share our work with all the interested parties with the help of a specially designed platform/ virtual libraryBy carrying out this project we want to:

  • create innovative materials and activities to engage the multiple intelligences found in our classrooms 
  • collect all the teaching/training materials , products and other intellectual outputs on our TreasureIT platform conceived as a virtual library/database
  • create OER and share our best work with the community - local , regional, national and international
  • integrate more modern and dynamic methods into daily practices in order to create a more commited environment within the organisation
  • improve ICT skills while working on the project tasks that will result in quality products to be shared with every interested party
  • improve communication skills in a foreign language, namely English which will result in higher self esteem and inner motivation for truly becoming a lifelong learner
  • integrate nonformal training strategies into formal educational contexts

The teachers involved will be able to experiment with innovative student-centered approaches, to improve them and share them within the larger community. They will learn to cooperate with their peers, they will learn from each other and, in the end, they will be able to use modern tools, specially designed activities and innovative approaches so that they reach, engage and motivate young learners in a playful way. The students will be involved in the process and they will be at the centre of the learning process; this will help them grow in multiple ways: academically , socially, from an affective point of view etc. Hopefully, every child involved will realize he/she is unique and has his/her own talents; thus, while meeting face to face, working together on different topics, they will all be able to reach success in at least one field. We also think that they need to become aware of the fact that they need to invest time and effort in their abilities and interests, and in the end, realize that the most important factors that determine their success are linked to perseverance, honesty, knowledge and collaboration , creativity and committment.