C10- Short term exchange of students 

This activity took place in Romania and the focus was on engaging existential intelligence, finding affinities between the participants, digging up and sharing the treasures within: solidarity, ethics, friendship, tolerance, respect etc. along with appreciating the value of volunteer work at an early age. 

Students got to know each other, met their hosts and their coordinators for the week, then they started work on offering meaningful feedback, playing the Guardian Angel part for someone they cared about, doing some actual volunteering work and learning from their peers. They also participated in learning activities in nonformal contexts via workshops held by Asirys. 

C5- Joint staff training event in Romania

This training event took place in Romania and focused on the existentialist intelligence and on creative ways to engage it during everyday activities along with special training sessions on integrating nonformal training strategies into formal education organized by Asirys. The main topic we dealt with related to the treasuers within like respect, collaboration, friendship and the importance of sharing. Practical applications were connected to volunteering even from early ages. All the designed activities were tested on the students undergoing short term exchanges at the same time with the training event. 

M3- Transnational meeting for coordinators only

This meeting tool place in Romania, in order  to draft the final report for the National Agency.