Meeting people or getting to know the initiatives that take care of the protection of our territory and the artistic-cultural heritage of our land is always an opportunity not to be missed: for this reason it was held Monday January 14 at the premises of Secondary School of Arce, the meeting with the Coordinators of the SIT Project (School Information and Territory), a training initiative, promoted in collaboration with the local editorial daily "Ciociaria Oggi", which has as main purpose the knowledge and enhancement of artistic, landscape and cultural treasures of the province of Frosinone, through support activities for teachers in the creation of educational paths, structured with a playful approach, and aimed at sensitizing students to the rediscovery of "Ciociaria Treasures".

The project proposal, therefore, reserved for primary and secondary school students, is well matched with the Educational Offer put in place by the teachers of the Comprehensive Institute "Giovanni Paolo II" of Arce who, for several years, have been actively involved in the creation of specific educational itineraries aimed at protecting, conserving and safeguarding our territory, such as the "Environment Project" and the initiatives of Active Citizenship, such as the CCR (Municipal Council of the Boys) Project and the Erasmus + Project, “Sharing our Treasures for a better future”.