Output 3- The typical primary Student

All the institutions involved worked on a common Survey & Study on the Typical Primary Student in their own countries and internationally ( by gathering all the information from the 7 countries involved and drawing conclusions on them).

The partner from Poland has come up with a wonderful idea for a study; it started as a form of an analysis of needs and it ended up a survey for the primary students in our countries and a study using the data collected. The questionnaire is a kids friendly one and it is a mix of questions regarding their everyday life, activities, preferences for school subjects, strengths and abilities. It includes questions hat can guide us to identify more or less the main types of intelligences present in our students, in each institution and at the partnership level. We could see how the intelligenes are or are not connected to the type of activities and teaching strategies and focus used in each school. 

The questionnaire is made available freely- in all languages involved in this project and in English- on the platform as well since maybe other teachers from outside the partnership might be interested in applying it to their students. 

The leading organization for this output was the partner in Poland and every country applied the questionnaires, gathered materials and sent them to the person in charge of this survey in the partner school in Poland.