Output 4- News Broadcast

         A relevant game to our Erasmus project working on the multiple intelligences, as our aim is to teach our students how to be intelligent and not just to inform them. Click on the picture below and do the quiz!

The students from all the schools involved did interviews, commented on the local and international activities in school, of course related to the project tasks, describe the mobilities, tell what they have learned during the students exchange. They used English for communicating. 

Every piece was used to create a series of TV broadcast/ episodes which is available on the platform.

We have added subtitles in all the languages of the countries participating in this project so that we can maximize the impact and address a larger public, not only those speaking English. 

Every partner submitted regular pieces of ''news" to the coordinator for this activity: the partner in Greece. 

We commonly agreed upon the sections: reports, interviews, fairs and exhibitions in schools, other project related activities.